Community Data Clinic

Rojas-Alvarez attended to the Cornell Summer School on Designing Technology for Social Impact 2021

URBANA, IL. Jorge Rojas-Alvarez, a doctoral student at Community Data Clinic and the Institute of Communications Research in the College of Media, was awarded to take part in the Cornell Summer School on Designing Technology for Social Impact 2021.

The Cornell Summer School on Designing Technology for Social Impact 2021, aims to find convergences and new questions on the inclusion of underrepresented ethnic populations in design of information and communications technologies. The 2021 workshop was organized by Phoebe Sengers, Nicki Dell, Sylvia Simioni, and Kaiton Williams from Information Science at Cornell University and The University of Michigan, Science & Technology Studies Dept. at Cornell University, and Impact America Fund. According to the organizers of the workshop, “The 2021 workshop, held virtually from June 7-11, included a diverse cohort of 22 students from across the U.S. This summer research workshop is designed to foster a strong cohort of underrepresented researchers working on topics related to the social impact of information technology.”

“I am especially interested in learning strategies to facilitate the visibility and influence of cultural and communicative factors in the dynamism of design processes. Furthermore, how these factors generate changes in the design of information technologies. I also hope to explore strategies to support communities in collective decision making on what types of technologies should be implemented or not. I am sure that the interdisciplinary dialogues of the Cornell Summer School of Social Impact are a privileged place to strengthen and polish tools for technological design for these purposes.” Rojas-Alvarez said.

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