Community Driven
Projects & Courses

The Clinic works to highlight the insight, agency, and expertise that civic and community organizations hold in their approach to local challenges. Equitable partnerships demonstrate how the use of data designed around community-based needs and scaled for local action can empower researchers and students with new forms of decision making and agency. These community synergies under interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration, also fosters direct engagement with diverse campus sites. 


Our Projects

Explore the various projects that the Community Data Clinic comes together
to work on. We bridge the campus-community divide by creating an inclusive network that invites the core participation and intervention of leading Champaign County community organizations.


Our Courses

Explore the various courses that the Community Data Clinic offers through
the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Our pedagogy promotes student engagement, ensuring that they see diverse forms of leadership in the class and provide opportunities for meaningful engagement with each other.