Community Data Clinic

Graduate Assistant, Tech Buddy Coordinator

Jorge Rojas-Alvarez

Jorge is committed to research and design information technologies for social impact. He pursues symmetrical and situated approaches to knowledge exchange between experts, non-experts, and informatics tools. Following information infrastructures studies, critical data studies, and participatory action-research, Jorge problematizes the access to social services for human crisis and broadband programs for social mobility. He co-designs prototypes to reflect on technological controversies and empower communities to imagine innovative visions of future.

He advocates for STEM based students who plan to pursue a professional career in social impact with technology. He finds endless inspiration to engage Latinx groups in these processes and fosters interdisciplinary academic communities to strengthen collaborations between universities and communities.

Jorge is a computer scientist, a historian of technology, and a Ph. D. student at the Institute of Communications Research in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.